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Our Quality Services

Al is no longer a futuristic notion, it's here right now

Establishing the Quality

The first step for quality control is to understand, establish & accept the customers' quality requirements.

Before or Pre-production

Shade Matching, Fabric Construction, GSM (grams per square metre), Whales & courses if required, Diameter, Dyeing Levelness.


Packing & Assortment, Fabric Defects, Workmanship Defects, General Defects, Measurement Deviations.


All the above checks are necessary to avoid failure of final inspection, rejection of shipments and control over manufacturing cost.

Quality Assurance

We follow stringent quality processes as part of our commitment to offer the best to our clients. To achieve this consistently and to maintain our high-quality standards in men's shirts manufacturing, we begin with the education and training of our employees and suppliers. They are made aware that their work significantly influences the performance of all of our products. The process of continuous improvement includes providing them with knowledge of the products as well as internal processes and services.

Measures such as compliance with the European Environment Policy; the REACH standards, in-process quality audits, and testing are utilised throughout the production process with the aim of achieving zero defects and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The quality system in place - AQL (Accepted Quality Level) 1.5, is designed to identify problems and measure the performance of the products during internal processes, while corrective actions focus on the prediction, prevention and elimination of defects and errors.

All suppliers we work with are expected to be similarly certified and to use preventive techniques to meet these requirements continuously.

These are the quality objectives that drive us:

  • All products produced shall meet our customer requirements.
  • We will provide sufficient training for all our employees about product knowledge, safety, social and critical control paths.
  • We will ensure that all our products meet legal and social requirements including the European Environment Policy.
  • We will ensure our products meet quality and delivery requirements of our customers by providing the best service throughout the year.
  • We will ensure a safe working environment for all our employees.
  • We will provide a rewarding environment for our employees to achieve our objective

We believes ‘Quality First’ in each and every action. A top-notch team of professionals consistently examine the intricacies of quality management through online. Right from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing of end product, they use latest quality technology system and methods so as to meet the needs of the buyer. We have our own lab facility accredited by various brands to monitor quality at different levels.

Right through our production processes, we have rigorous testing of physical and chemical parameters to ensure zero-defects.

As a people-centric organization, we ensure a proper work-life balance for our people. Our compensation standards comply with statutory norms so our employees can lead secure and satisfied lives. We also organize professional development programmes that allow them to keep pace with prevalent trends and techniques.


Mouriya Clothing Company’s operation and Functioning are as per ISO 9002 method, which really shows the right path a deal. A well coordinated and oriented team of experienced managers, merchandisers, quality controllers & supervisors make our task easier and quicker. We find it a pleasant experience to work and communicate with our clients due to this team of experts in the computerized administration.

Simultaneously all the information is passed on to our client to maintain transparency in our relations so they know the exact status of their orders and developments. Meetings with the merchandising team are conducted on regular intervals to discuss and sort out any issues that could create a potential delay at a later stage.

The progress report of order is given regularly to our buyers to keep them up-date about the on-going developments in respect of their orders. Our expertise in sourcing products meeting the exacting standards specified by the client at competitive prices with gets our client total value for their money.

Not worrying about the source and method of sourcing, having the assurance that their products have gone through the hands of responsible managers and reached their Warehouse at the most suitable time, our clients can relax and concentrate on their respective roles in business.

We study international fashion and trends, along with the fashion and trends in our client’s country. We assist in, or do they complete designing of, our client’s seasonal collection. Our clients can access the fashion trends till the last moment and can be assured that their express orders will be executed smoothly and shipped on time. This enables our clients to provide trendy and fashionable products to their customers.


The processing mill uses only azo free dyes and chemicals. The reverse osmosis plant operates against water pollution by treating effluents completely and reused fully leaving zero liquid discharge.


Mouriya Clothing Company ensures that we follow healthy and safe labor practices eliminating any use of child labor, prison labor, forced labor and providing required living and sanitation facilities and justified wag e structures as per relevant countries norms. Adequate fire safeties measures are followed fire fighting equipments are deployed and serviced.

Mouriya Clothing Company ensures that no child labor is used in the manufacturing of these goods.

Mouriya Clothing Company ensures that the workers are not exploited in the manufacture of these goods.

Mouriya Clothing Company ensures fair and just wages are paid to the workers and thus improve standard of living for thousands.