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We are doing all kind of printing. Printing process is one of the oldest t-shirt printing processes that have a number of features and characteristics. This is also known as silkscreen printing technique used to print custom t-shirts for events. As compared to other t-shirt printing techniques, the screen printing process is very economical and is in great demand in the world.

The system fabric is “stick” one a table and the artisan moves manually the screen on the table length. We need to develop a screen for each color. One colors One Block. Time > Average Mistake Margin > Acceptable Inconvenient > The screen connection is not always perfect (depending on which design). Development charge > Making of each screen (which can be used for few months)

The fabric moves in the machine, the cylinder rolls on them self. Each cylinder represents one color Time > Fast Mistake Margin > Zero Inconvenient > The cylinder cost is expensive. The fabric quantity needs to be sufficient to move inside the machine from one end to the other end. Development charge > Making of each cylinder (which can be used for few years)

Is made out of wooden engraved block. The fabric is put one a table and the artisan move the block. We need to develop a block for each color. One color One Block. Time > Slow Mistake Margin > High, Look is artisanal Inconvenient > This method is used in the village. The artisans take their time. Not possible to get large quantity. The clients need to have a tolerance degree with small stains or color variations between lot to lot. It’s an artisanal look, which also give the charm. Development charge > Making of each block (which can be use several time)

The method is the same as paper printer. The fabric slide into the printer and all colors get printed at the same time. Two big advantages: one it’s very fast and two that there are no development charges. It’s possibility of printing only one meter. There are no colors restriction. Time > Very Fast Mistake Margin > Zero Inconvenient > The cost per meter, Its very expensive. Development charge > Zero

Direct to garment or DTG is a popular textile printing process widely used to print a wide range of custom t-shirts in Texas. DTG requires an advanced textile printer that helps to create complicated designs. You can expect smooth and soft prints from direct to garment method.

Key benefits of Direct to garment or DTG :
• Very complicated & multi-colour designs can be created
• Ideal for bulk orders
• Softer & smoother prints
• DTG printers are compact
• The fast and accurate printing process